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Does Acne Cause Depression

Acnes are a type of skin problems that can be said as a normal of functioning of the human body. The acnes are an indicator of the body to show that there is something wrong going on with the skin. If the normal health of the skin is affected, it shows symptoms like acnes and pimples. Talking about acnes, these are very common problems that affect literally everyone at one time of point. It affects almost everyone and from all the age groups, but individuals from teenage are more likely to develop acnes. This is because during the teenage, a person’s body undergoes many hormonal changes. These changes may affect in the outburst of acnes.

Does Acne cause Depression?

The acnes are known to be generating a negative thinking in the people who have to face them more often. For the people who get acnes very rare, it is not a big problem. But the people who have to struggle with acnes much often, certainly acne causes depression.

For many people Acnes can be quite Depressing. This is because the acnes degrade a person’s looks and gives a very ugly appearance. And as many of the people are very much conscious about their looks and appearance, they may get in to depression as there face gets some acne.

Apart from causing Depression, Acnes can also cause or trigger Social Phobia. This is mostly in the case of the people who are very much self conscious. Such people may become afraid of facing the people or crowd with their face and other body parts covered with acnes. The social phobia caused due to acnes can have symptoms like anxiety especially overwhelming anxiety, fear of facing people, a feeling of being judged by other people about his or her appearance. Feeling humiliated or embarrassed about acne depression is one more symptoms of social phobias caused by acnes.

Social phobias caused by acne depression like anxiety disorders, depression and other social phobias are out of self control. One must seek immediate medical help in order to cure acnes and its side effects like depression and social phobias. Apart from these, the acne can also cause the sinking of self esteem and morale

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