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Does Long Hair Cause Acne

Problem of long hair Acne is very common in women and it often gets worse with time. It one of the most common problem in United States and around 10 millions of population are affected due to Long Hair and Acne troubles. In the presence of long hair the tendency of face acne increases and it get worse with time. However, there are various creams and lotions are available for the prevention of acne, but its effects last long than the usual case. It is seen that long hair is the biggest culprit of acne related problems.

Most of the people frequently ask about does long hair cause acne as the problem regarding the acne is rapidly increasing year by year. Some of the effects even get worse due to the hair fall and stresses of daily routine lifestyles. Hair fall has a deep impact on facial acne spots and it has been cleared in recent studies. The longer is the hair more is the chances of acquiring skin related troubles. Most of the time people counts the hair fall throughout the day as it is one of the chief factor which is responsible for long hair acnes.

In the recent researches it is clearly found that long hair is one of the biggest causes of acne. About millions of Americans have skin related troubles and most of them know that long hair causes acne, but, still due to lack of medical treatment and attention most of them avoid the symptoms. Roots of long hair contains oil that outbreaks on to the face most of the times. In addition to it long hair carries lots of dirt and mud which is chiefly responsible for acne. And a long hair usually gets on the face 24/7 so the dirt and oil gets attached to face and hence causes Acne.

Here are some of the hair care tips let’s have a look on them:

Natural Ingredients Shampoo:

There are ample of shampoos available in the market that are very harmful for hair. So, it is essential to use a shampoo which contains natural ingredients. Choosing a right shampoo is important because most of the shampoos make the hair oilier.

Cleaning of hair:

Oily hairs are more flat to dust and dirt and hence it is very important to keep the hair clean. Use of scrubbers is effective in terms of hair cleaning especially the long hairs.

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