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Onion Allergy

Many people feel uncomfortable and often have problems regarding the skin rashes right after the consumption of onions. These rashes are termed as an Onion Allergy by most of the doctors in real means. Onion allergies usually triggers through the consumption of raw onions.

There are about more than 4% of Americans have food allergies out of which 6% of them are children’s. People who are more easily prone to allergies have symptoms like rashes and digestive problems. Allergy To Onions can be reduced by cooking the vegetables before its consumption. Direct intake of onions can be infectious to those who have onion allergies. These infections may range from mild to become severe which is totally dependent on person to person.  In most cases it has been seen that the gas, bloating and digestive problems are common to onion allergic sufferers.

Some of the common symptoms of onion allergy are vomiting, swelling of face, breathing problems and skin rashes. And these problems increases with time due to the maximum exposure of this harsh intakes of the body. The swelling problems may cause breath related problems to most of the sufferers.

Some people have allergy to onions and its symptoms often delays with time. Some of them include constipation, stomach pain, headaches and fatigue problems. Diarrhea and nausea might cause mental confusions to the allergic patient. These sufferings are often feels like having being poisoned due to the vomiting problems.

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