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Can A Person Live Without A Pancreas?

Pancreas is a small organ that acts a gland also. It secrets digestive enzymes and hormones. Pancreas is the only organ that is the part of the endocrine and exocrine system of the human body. It means that the pancreas secrete both internally and externally. Digestive enzyme is a part of the internal secretion and the hormones that are secreted are a part of exocrine system. The above information about pancreas is sufficient enough to answer to the question that can you Live without a Pancreas. And the very clear answer is no.

You must have heard about the pancreas either in your middle school or from a person struggling to cope up with his or her diabetes. Pancreas plays a major role in the whole story of diabetes. Pancreas secretes two hormones that are very much important in keeping the glucose levels at normal values in the blood. These two hormones are insulin and glucagon. Insulin helps in lowering the blood sugar level and acts as a factor to increase the level of glucagon in the liver. The glucagon is a type of stored carbohydrates which keeps the blood sugar level at a constant value, at times when it falls down steeply.

Apart from insulin, the pancreas also secretes major enzymes of the human body. These enzymes are useful in digestion of food and also in breaking down the starches. Pancreas also helps in breaking down proteins and fats. It helps in neutralizing chyme which is a semi fluid, thick mass constituting of partially digested food that passes from stomach to duodenum. Starving conditions may occur if the pancreas fail to neutralize the chyme properly and breking down fats, proteins and starches.

It is almost impossible to live without pancreas. Pancreas is one of the major organs of the human body whose replacement is not possible. Though there are techniques including medication by which many diseases of this organ may be cured.

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