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Top 10 Benefits Of Exercise

Exercising is the best way to keep the body healthy, fit and in proper shape. It increases the body’s metabolic rate and also helps in preventing diseases. These all add to the scientific Exercise Benefits. Exercise basically stretches and contracts muscles which help in stimulating breathing. This improves blood circulation and lung functioning.

Exercise Health Benefits are infinite as it keeps the inner self of you healthy and keeps the spark in you alive. Daily exercising for just 15-20 minutes in the morning keeps you active throughout the day as it relaxes all your muscles.

Top 10 Benefits of Exercise-

  1. Most importantly, exercise strengthens and tones muscles. It also maintains the muscles increasing their muscular endurance.
  2. Exercise helps in keeping your blood pressure in control. That is if you exercise regularly, you will never have any problems line hypertension or low blood pressure.
  3. Exercise increases the stroke volume of heart which increases the efficiency of the heart as a pump.
  4. Exercise increases the percentage or concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is present in the Red blood cells and is responsible for carrying oxygen from lungs to rest of the organs of the body. Thus exercise increases the overall capacity or strength of your body.
  5. Exercise plays an important role in reducing heart attacks or strokes as it decreases the tendency of blood to clot in the blood vessels. These clots are only responsible for deadly strokes.
  6. Exercise reduces the chances or incidence of colon cancer by significantly increasing the efficiency of digestive system.
  7. Exercise makes your skin look more vibrant and fresh as it increases the amount of blood flowing to the skin. This makes the skin look younger and healthier and ti also keeps you confident and lively.
  8. Exercise is essential for diabetic patients. It helps in improving the insulin generation capacity of the pancreas and moreover also improves the functioning of the insulin making it capable of neutralizing the excess glucose in the body and thus fighting diabetes.
  9. It tires the body which is essential for complete restless and tight sleep in the night. It might get you rid of bad sleeping habits and thus making you fitter every morning you get up.
  10. Exercise helps in causing the development of new blood vessels in the heart and other muscles and also enlarges the arteries or veins which carry or supply the blood back to the heart.

Health and Exercise are very closely related to each other.If proper exercise is undertaken daily in an uninterrupted way then it is sure to do wonders to your health. The results would not be quick and over doing it would not help as well. You will have to be patient. Exercise daily so as to stay away from a doctor.

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