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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smoking

The debates on smoking habits are going on from years. That’s why here we have taken few steps on just to introduce you with some of the pros and cons of smoking. Either you are smoker or a nonsmokers it doesn’t matters as this topic is beneficial and informative to both of them.

Like that of coin; smoking also subsist two of its faces. Here first face is used as advantages while second one is used as its disadvantages. So, let’s come and have a deep analysis on the faces of smoking.

Some of the die-hard cigarette smokers claim many Advantages of Smoking. Some of Smoking Advantages are as under:

1. Stress Relief:Cigarette smoking helps in overcoming the stress level of the brain in a fruitful manner.

2. Peer group acceptance:According to old beliefs it issaid that group smoking helps in making the friendship or acquitance stronger than the usual case.

3. Effective weight loss:Smoking acts as an appetite suppressant for the body” and hence the obesity factor can easily be reduced in an elegant manner.

4. Increased performance in doing job:As discussed earlier; smoking helps in overcoming the stress and hence makes it easier to work in a burden free environment.

5. Increased Concentration Level:The creativity and concentration level enhances due to the nicotine factor.

6. Some smokers truly like the feel:If you are a smoker then you will well understand how it feels during smoking …… absolute blend of relief feeling to the smoker.

Some of the Disadvantages of Smoking are illustrated below, let’s have a closer look:

If you are smoking just by focusing on stress relief and weight loss points; then here we would like to tell that there are other effective means also available by which one can easily get rid of above mentioned problems.

However, nothing can be done to the smoking habits if a person smokes just to enjoy the taste of the cigarette.

Since, Smoking Disadvantages are numerous but; still we have sorted out some of the basic disadvantages over here……Some of them are as under:

1. Asthma:The chances of acquiring asthma disease are more in smokers.

2. Throat Cancer:Chain smokers are more prone to throat cancer.

3. COPD: Smoking habits makes the airways of lungs narrower and hence thereby causes severe breathings problems.

4. Advanced signs of aging:Aging comes in young age if you are a smoker.

5. Decreased acceptance:It is normal to see that a non-smoker is less likely to make a friendship with person who is a smoker.

Lowered Stamina:The overall immune system and resistancepower reduces at a very rapid rate.

Apart from all above bad impacts; smoking habits can also trigger (mouth cancer, Emphysema, Lung Cancer, lowered ability to exercise, decreased lung function, etc) these kinds of severe diseases to a healthy body. We hope that after reading the whole article you can easily differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of smoking. And it is clearly seen that smoking advantages are totally negligible in front of the disadvantages. Or in other words “Smoking disadvantages have completely white-washes the advantages out of the arena”.

Conclusion: Smoking habits are severe and dangerous and it can harm a healthy body too. And cigarette smoking may also cause severe health issues. So, think twice before proceeding with the same….

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