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Health Benefits Of Whiskey

You would be wondering that how can be whiskey beneficial to some one’s health or how can someone have Whiskey Health Benefits? Any type of alcohol can be deadly if consumed in large quantity but the medical community has found out some merits or advantages of drinking alcohol, especially whiskey. You are always said that alcohol is harmful to health but let us guide you to some Benefits of Whiskey which has the highest percentage of ethanol in it. Here are some Health Benefits of Whiskey-

1. Low Carbohydrates: Whiskey is prepared by the fermentation process of rye, barley, corn or wheat. There are a number of whiskies in this world each with different taste as per the ingredient percentage. When consumed in limited quantity that is 1.5-oz. serving of Whiskey Health is not harmed at all. This quantity of whiskey contains only 0.04 g of carbohydrates. Moreover it is in the form of sugar which your body easily breaks down and it is thus consumed as energy.

2. No Fat: Whenever you go searching for health diet, you will find that each one of it says to consume no fat or consume it in the least quantity possible. According to the Department of Agriculture of the United States a 1.5-oz. shot of whiskey is fat free and is thus good for health. As it is fat free, it does not add to the weight and gets added to Whiskey Benefits.

3. Decreases the Risk of Cancer: As mentioned before, whiskey contains the maximum amount of alcohol in it. Alcohol contains in it Ellagic Acid which is a natural phenol antioxidant found in numerous fruits and vegetables as well. An antioxidant reduces the probabilities of cancer as it kills and thus reduces the cancerous cells. Source: a EuroMedLab conference at the Glasgow, Scotland in 2005.

4. Lessen the hazards of Common Medical Issues: Alcohols, when consumed in appropriate quantities, have an ability to enhance good cholesterol. It also helps in reducing or diluting the blood clots. Whiskey thus proves itself beneficial in this case. Moreover, researches say that moderate amount of drinking can also reduce the probability of diminishing diabetes by 30% to 40% which is very important as diabetes is one of the most harmful and long lived diseases.

Consuming one or two alcoholic drinks, including whiskey, daily in proportionate amount reduces the likelihood of a stroke by around 50%. Even development of dementia in old age is also reduced by 50% by the consumption of whiskey.

5. Proneness to death: Drinking whiskey in small amounts also reduces the possibility of dying in any given year by 25%.

In many countries doctors, physicians recommend people to drink whiskey in a prescribed amount so as to get good results out of it. Whiskey and Health go hand in hand when consumed under a doctor’s consultancy. Let alcohol improve your health rather than climbing up to your cerebellum. Hope, this page answered your questions to the fullest and left you satisfied. Glad to help you.

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