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Best Way To Propose To A Girl

Are you admiring a girl but secretly? Are you afraid of going to her and telling her that how much you love her?

Well, after reading our article you do not need to worry about this. A girl is one of the most beautiful creations of the nature and they are extremely sensitive. Every girl is different from other so you need to understand your girl and her temperament very well and accordingly behave. Your getting nervous is obvious but it should not get reflected while talking to her as she might find you an under confident guy.

Following are some Ways to Propose to a Girl, try these out and win the heart of your lady-

  1. You need to be yourself. If you are pretending to her and make her fall in love with you, she would not love you but the one you have been projecting. Never overact your proposal, keep it simple, sweet and special. Choose your own way to say those three special words to her avoiding a filmy style.
  2. Its said OLD IS GOLD. This is followed here as well. Going down on your knees in front of her with a red rose in your hand will surely make your girl melt and bring tears of happiness to her eyes. This is one of the best and Creative Ways to propose and will really make her feel extremely special.
  3. Arrange for a romantic dinner especially for her. Take her out with you and keep it all a secret for her until and unless you reach the location. Order her favorite food for the two of you with songs of her choice playing in the background. This would surely give her a hint that you like her a lot and then by asking her for a small dance, propose in her ear slowly. This is sure to bind her.
  4. Recreate or relive your first moment with her. Take her to the place where you met her the first time and then recreate the moment and then propose to her. This will move her a lot and make her realize that no one in the world can love her more than you.
  5. If you both are adventure lovers, go on for an early morning trek with. After reaching the summit or the topmost cliff, go on your knees and let the rising sun form the lovely background and in this moment just let her know how much do you love her. This forms Best Way to propose a Girl.
  6. Gestures are very important when you are with a girl. Just show her your protective, caring and loving side when you are with her and do not fake it as it might spoil everything so mean what you say and do. This will help you a lot the day you propose to her as she would know that she can trust and rely you always.
  7. All girls love flowers so take with you a lovely bouquet specially prepared with all her favorite flowers in it and then propose to her. Make your propose special by saying her how important she has been in your life. This proposal might end with a comforting hug as well.
  8. If she has been a very good friend of yours for long and you both have spent some good moments and have them captured with you then make a scrapbook for her or a collage. Show it to her first which will bring her close to you and then slowly say how much you love her in her ears. This is the Best Way to propose to a Girl who you know for long.
  9. Never force your girl. If she has asked for some time then let her have it. If she was to say a NO, it would have been in that moment only. Give her all the time to think, respect her problems and she will surely come to you.

If you follow the above steps in a proper fashion, you will have your girl with you. Just remember do not fake anything any time. Just be genuine and see the love you always had for her in her eyes for you.

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