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Nice Things To Do For Your Wife

Wife is the second most important lady in a man’s life. She let her everything goes for her husband. So, it is the duty of a good husband to show his responsibilities towards his wife in a way that make her feel good, special and loved. You must give a thought to the fact that she left her home, her parents to spend her entire life without you. You must not miss out on expressing your love to her and make her smile.

Just think of the day you first saw her and the day she said that so awaited “Yes”. Now when she is all yours, you should make her feel that other than you no one in the world can love her more than you.

You should do Nice Things to Your Wife that brings happiness to her. She must find you the most romantic and loving hubby in the world. There are things which sound very simple and cute but significantly contribute to your love life like-

  1. You must not tease her for the time she takes to get ready. You must understand that she is doing it all for you and she want to look good for you.
  2. Hold her hands and make her feel that she is always protected and cared. There are Cute Things to Say to Your Wife on which you should never miss out on.
  3. Things like mailing her a letter or dedicating a song to her on the radio or whispering in her ears during night in the bedroom. You will surely get a reward in the form of the most beautiful smile as she will blush.
  4. Express your love when she is least expecting it like in a public place by going a bit close to her. Text her ‘I love you’ in the midst of some function when she is a bit away from you and turn to her as you text it.
  5. Call her when you are away from her and she is waiting for you. Deliver Flowers to her at the residence or to her office.
  6. Put your arm around her when she is sitting next to you or when you are having a walk with her.
  7. Take her on a surprise date and to make it even more memorable take her to the place you first took her.
  8. Your wife would love to listen compliments from you so do not forget that. Compliment her for everything good she does. Do not forget important dates like birthdays or anniversaries, in spite get her a good feminine gift.
  9. Kiss her while leaving for your work and during nights before sleep at least for six seconds. She loves your touch and she wants you to get intimate with her at times so do it without fail. Freshen up the passion between you two by taking a shower together on a weekend.
  10. Keep her as happy as possible. Say sorry if you went wrong somewhere and say it by looking straight into her eyes and cupping her face in your hands. Hug her in a way that she won’t let you leave her. Let her find your arms to be the most strong and most gentle arms in the world.
  11. Do not quarrel over money, however tight the situation is. This might hurt her that you take out the frustration over her in the form of anger.
  12. Do not mention her weight as well. This might get her a bit uncomfortable. You must be honest but in no way rude.
  13. Keep your love young by leaving notes at unexpected places in house where she is obvious to find it.
  14. You must be faithful and respect her. You should be aware of not correcting her on something wrong in front of others or children as she might feel insulted.
  15. Do not get irritated if she cries. Every woman feels like crying for some reason or the other, at such time just hold her in your arms. This is all she wants in that moment.
  16. Marriage is a bonding of three elements, BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. Worship with her to keep the spirits also connected.
  17. Forgive her if she goes wrong sometime. Do not over tease her. And make a habit of listening to what she says patiently.
  18. Be kind and gentle to her and encourage her to follow her dreams. Encourage her in whatever good she is willing to do.
  19. Flirting is an essential element even after marriage, do it to keep the spark alive. This includes the Nice Things to Say to Your Wife or a wink or whistle. Go for a romantic walk in the moon light holding each other’s hands.
  20. Give her a nick name that stays just between you to. This would bring to her cheeks a rosy look. Be her best friend that she feels comfortable in sharing anything with you.
  21. Be the chef someday with a romantic meal on a table with candle-lights on and Invent a secret language that just the two of you understand and talk openly then in public.

Express your love loud and openly for her. And just say what she wants to hear but is not able to say as she is shy. Understand her gestures and react or respond accordingly. Make your wife realize that getting married to you was the best thing she did in her life.

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