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Cat Kidney Failure Symptoms

Kidney is an extremely vital organ in a cat’s body. A kidney helps in the removal of waste and toxic material from the body in the form of urine. The nephrons present in the kidney filters the blood regularly and thus helps in achieving the purpose. When 70% of these nephron cells die kidney disease in cats become prominent as the remaining cells have to work harder.

This is more likely to happen with the increasing age of cat. Since, kidney deals with the wastes of the body, there are great chances of it getting infected. A cat being a very sensitive pet needs to be taken a lot of care in such case.

Following are some Symptoms of Kidney Failure in Cats-

  1. Weight Loss. This is the most prominent of the Cat Kidney Failure Symptoms. This comes to the vision very quickly. This happens due to weakening of the kidneys which leads to mixing of waste in the blood and contaminating other parts of the body.
  2. Depression. Kidney failure leads cats to discomfort and uneasiness because urination does not follow the normal, common and daily fashion. This makes the cats depressed and dull.
  3. Vomiting. As the waste is not able to get out of the body in the appropriate manner through urine, it causes the cat to vomit and the body gets rid of the waste. This is also one of the major Kidney Failure Cats Symptoms.
  4. Polyuria (Excessive urination) and Polydipsia (Excessive thirst). This happens in most of the cases but not all. Due to kidney malfunctioning, sometimes cats urinate far more than the normal resulting in overloading themselves with water.
  5. Enlarged kidneys. Reduced blood pressure can be very deadly in cases when kidneys are already not functioning properly. In case of lowered blood pressure, kidneys tend to release a hormone to tighten the vessels and thus increasing blood pressure. If kidneys are harmed, they cannot release this hormone and this can result in enlarged or swelled kidneys.
  6. Bad Breath. This is another Kidney Failure in Cats Symptoms. Cats go lethargic in kidney failure cases an due to the waste running with the blood contaminating all parts, the tongue and gums also get affected leading to bad breath.
  7. Loss of coordination. Many a times the cat is not able to balance properly and seems like it might collapse when walking. This is majorly due to the weakness that comes with weakened kidneys.

These were the Kidney Failure Symptoms in Cats which must be noticed and accordingly a veterinary doctor must be called to look into the health of the cat. A cat already being very sensitive animal gets lazier, harmed and weak coz of such problems. Treatment such as fluids prescribed meals, antacids and anti nausea medication can help a lot. Hope you found this page useful.

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