How To Dominate Your Husband?

Are you tired of your Governing husband? Now, do you want to rule the house and let your husband know that you are no less?

Well, this might spoil the relationship but it might also bring back your spoiled relationship on track. Dominating your Husband can also kill your husband’s ego and he will start respecting you. Neither do this by choice nor let it become your habit, do it because the situation is demanding.

Go through our article and find out How to Dominate Your Husband-

  1. Put him Down: You can attack him this way publicly as well as privately. You know this very well that where he lack and you can takes advantage out of it in front of your friends, his friends, or some relatives. Make sure you do it in the form of a venomous joke. Mind it he would not be laughing on this joke.
  2. Discipline your Children: If your husband is very strict with your children, do not let him do it. You know it that too much strictness will yield rebellious children so let your children free without listening to what your husband says.
  3. Hold him Hostage: Dominate your Man by letting him know that if there comes any conflict, it will be solved your way or no piece can come and the conflict will continue. You need not to worry about such situation not coming up as it will come up frequently because you and your husband think differently.
  4. You decide about the Sex: Just make sure that you stay firm on your decision of not having sex. Just keep changing the excuses of having a busy day, week, fortnight, moth or even a year. Do not satisfy his animal like desires as you know many of your friends whose lives are happy when they are not making much love.
  5. You plan all Family Outings: Better plan it and then THINK of telling him. Or just ask him to change and follow. Of he does not agree, do not cancel the trip and move on. This will make him realize that you are also an individual and will make him think of any incident when he also did the same to you.
  6. You make the Family Budget: This is the best way to Dominate Your Husband. Irrespective of who is earning, you make sure that you plan hoe your monthly financial plan should go. Make him realize that if he is given the job of paying the bills, all connections would be gone.
  7. Overrule his Decisions: Whatever he calls on some issue, argue on it. Make him accept your decision. Let his decision not rule the house anymore. Make sure that the arguing continues till he gives up his thoughts and do as you say.

Before using any of these a warning is that it might spoil your relation as well so better use them in smartest manner possible. Dominate Husband but prepare your mind first of all in a way that you are doing all this to make your husband understand that he was wrong all the time bullying you.

You just do it under the thought, “TIT FOR TAT”. We hope you liked the article and it was helpful for you understand How to Dominate Him that is your husband.

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