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How To Get Boys To Like You?

Are you crazy about a boy and want him to go crazy for you in the same way?

Well, you cannot force someone’s feelings or you cannot make someone feel your way, but you can always put your best efforts in projecting your love in the greatest possible way. This way you can also give the guy’s feelings a chance to change and think about you.

Following are some hints on How do You Get a Boy to Like You-

  1. Like yourself. This seems to be a bit unwise as everyone likes herself but the angle of viewing this need to be different. You need to show the boy you like that how awesome you are but before that you yourself need to know how awesome you are. You must be sweet, humble, humorous and generous at the same time. All these must come out genuinely from within you.
  2. Being single. You must let the boy know that you are single but this does not mean that you straight away say it to him, rather you must give him indications that you are single and make sure that your status on a public networking website is SINGLE. This is very necessary to know How to Get a Boy to Like You.
  3. His attention. You must not seek for it; you must be able to get his attention. While passing by him you can say a ‘hi’ or a ‘good-bye’ with a casual and soft smile. These gestures seem small but when done at right times make a good impact. Thus, if he reciprocates in the similar manner, you will get to know that your boy is noticing you.
  4. Be witty and humorous. Do not feel awkward or shy in cracking a joke if it goes well with the situation and the mood. Guys love their girls to be funny and quick-witted at times. This does not mean that you keep on making an effort to just make them laugh. This must be in a limit and must be done with brains. Well, if you are not able to crack jokes and laugh around with him, you might find out that actually you do not like him much. This is the best answer to How to Get Boys to Like You.
  5. Be his friend. Just make sure that you are able to develop the comfort level with him to a level that he starts finding you a great friend. Guys need friends more than they need a girlfriend as boys are very selective with to whom can they share their feelings. You must be able to understand him and his problems and this is how you can show him how much you like him.
  6. Do things together. Still confused with How to Make Boys to Like you then this key will help you a lot. You must be compatible on the grounds of choice as well and if not you must make an extra effort to convince him. IF the guy you like loves rock climbing then you must also show some interest in it that will make him feel that you are there with him. Try doing it all together.
  7. Be patient. Boys need some and take some time to think over some thing and then come to a decision. You must respect this and must not force him to be with you. You must respect his space and must not grow obsessive at any stage. This might end up irritating the boy and spoiling your relation. If he says a NO, try to understand why he did so and do not take the rejection very personally.

These were some very simple steps on How do Get a Boy to Like You. Follow them and have your man with you. Make sure that you carry on well with him because it is very easy to fall in love but it is equally difficult to be with your partner in a successful manner for a long time.

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