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How To Look Hot For Guys?

Women have a huge desire to look hot. And if you too have got same feelings, then you should not be leaving this page unread. We have some effective tips and tricks, following which, will help you exhibit a hot and seductive look. And we are sure that these tips will answer your question i.e. How to Look Hot for Guys? Ready to know more? Then read on.

1. Try to be “Naughty” with him:

This is a tested and proven trick and many women have been benefitted with it. Men like “naughty” girls and women. And if you manage to make yourself “naughty” in and out of your bed with him, then surely you will become the hottest women for him. Make him feel special in bed and you will see him going crazy for you.

2. Make him feel relaxed and comfortable:

Always remember that drama and tears can help you in taking control over situations, but not always. Leaving drama and being practical will help a lot in making him feel relaxed and in forgetting the bad times that you two had faced while being together. Try to be friendly with him and you can regain the lost interest that both of you had for each other. Also prove as a helping hand for him whenever he needs.

3. Dressing will help a lot:

Dress sexily and see the magic. You man or boyfriend will never forget the way you tried to seduce him just by dressing in a sexy and appealing manner. No matter what you wear, wear it with style and attitude. And it will be much helpful if you can show off yourself, little bit, by wearing those revealing outfits like deep neck and deep back tops and tight jeans and other modern day dresses. Do we need to brief you on this also?

4. Take Initiative, in bed too:

We can understand that it is a part of general tendency of women that they take initiative when it comes to argument and fights. But taking initiative in bedroom will make your man’s thinking about you to change and that too instantly. Taking initiative in bed is however a manly thing for many of the women but when it comes to find an answer to the question i.e. How to Look Attractive? Then you should not miss the chance to take initiatives in bedroom.

5. Learn more about sex and HIS desires:

This point will help you a lot. As a man, your husband or boyfriend may have many desires and fantasies and this is a very normal thing. But if you are not able to fulfill his desires then it may worsen your relationship. Many women feel uncomfortable with sex and things related to it due to lack of knowledge. But if you get proper and ample knowledge on things like this too, you can become more comfortable with it.

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